Do Honest Business Actually Get Banned From Stripe? Ref: Subreddit

I’m in the process of launching a start up that will use stripe to process payments and I’ve been following the Stripe Subreddit for a year or so and I can’t tell if shady people are just complaining or is it really that common to get banned?

Also, any tips on how to avoid getting flagged as “risky”? To be honest I just want to make sure I follow the rules and not do something stupid and tank my business :sweat_smile:

Hello !

Unfortunatly you are at the wrong place for asking these kind of question. This forum is for developper feedback on new stripe-related technologies.

But as far as my experience goes, stripe never has been problematic for me. Be sure to read the list of Prohibited and Restricted Business from the stripe documentation. This will tell you right away if you are at risk of getting kicked of the platform. You may also get kicked if your business is getting too much fraudulent usage, so be sure to follow the best practicies for preventing fraud.

Also keep in mind that stripe has to comply with laws against all sorts of fraud and illegal activities and sometime they can be overzealous to be on the safe side. Additionnaly, you only see the people wrongfully (in their opinion) banned complaining. Not the hundred of thousands of customer who use the platform without issues nor the thousands of accounts that are banned rightfully due to abuse.

FYI: I’m not an employee from stripe and this is based on my own experience as a stripe user and customer.

Hope this helps.
- Vasco


I’m not an employee for Stripe, and I’m familiar with the alarming stories you might have read on Reddit. I was at the Stripe Session conference in April I brought this issue up with the Stripe Payments team. We were told that chargebacks and refunds are an unavoidable part of doing business. If you are running a legitimate business, you don’t have a reason to fear using Stripe. That said, Stripe is not a high risk payment processor. There are special merchants that do cater to high risk payments. I’ve been using Stripe since 2014 with no problems. I believe you’re seeing a sampling bias on Reddit. From what I can tell, you’re seeing a lot of shady companies complaining on there. I think the Stripe public relations team should devote a team member to responding to some of the stories on reddit; we’re not hearing Stripe’s side of things on there and it’s damaging to the Stripe brand.