Indian UPI system integration with Stripe

How to integrate Indian UPI system with stripe
In India UPI system is very popular for payment.
Also somehow stripe must generate QR CODE for payment. It’s also very popular in India.
These two changes or integration in Stripe can make it very popular in India.


Hey @fitbharathub - thanks for reaching out. You can generate QR codes with payment links. Check out the documentation here and let me know if that helps.

As far as UPI, that’s something the team is looking at supporting. Are you currently a Stripe user?

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I have applied for Stripe,
But till now have not got any intimation from them.

Thanks for your reply and Regards

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I’ve been eagerly waiting for a beta invite to use UPI with Stripe ever since you started your invite-only beta phase. It’s incredible to think that 90% of my clients are already using UPI to pay us. UPI is not just limited to India anymore - it’s expanding rapidly to many other countries!

I know a handful of users have been invited to the UPI beta, but here’s another problem: UPI is only available for one-time payments at the moment. As a SaaS business, we really need the Auto Pay feature with UPI for recurring payments. It’s a key functionality that’s missing in both the Hosted Checkout and APIs.

Now, Stripe is a FinTech giant, so it’s a bit of a mystery to me why they haven’t opened up UPI to the public yet. It’s been in closed beta for over three years now! I was positive that Stripe would launch UPI to the masses after they received the Payment Aggregator license from the Reserve Bank of India in late January 2024. But here we are, months later, and still no sign of it.

Stripe has a strong presence in India with an office and Stripe Delivery Center in Bengaluru. Plus, UPI is relatively easy to implement, considering how many other players are already offering it. And, UPI is hugely popular in India. When I put all these factors together, it’s a real head-scratcher why Stripe hasn’t rolled out a full-fledged UPI system to the masses yet. It’s like a mystery - I just can’t figure out what’s going on behind the scenes!

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I’m crying. Though I have an active account, I’m shocked to see this. Be strong, dear Stripe. Love you lots.

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