Notification Banner doesn't show anything

I’m super excited about the new embeddable components, but I’m experimenting with the Notification Banner component and haven’t gotten it to actually successfully render anything in my app. Wondering if these are bugs or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have a test account (id acct_1IUHD2PrMy15KSX1) that has payouts and payments paused due to missing onboarding information:

I’d expect that same or similar banner to show when I drop the notification component in my page, but instead I get nothing.

Code I’m using is straight forward enough:

  return <React.Fragment>
    <ConnectComponentsProvider connectInstance={stripeConnectInstance}>
      <ConnectNotificationBanner />
      <h3>Balance Info</h3>
      <ConnectBalances />
      <!-- TODO -->
      <h3>Recent Payments</h3>
      <ConnectPayments />

And the authentication session:

    account_session = Stripe::AccountSession.create({
      account: gateway.stripe_account_id,
      components: {
        notification_banner: {
          enabled: true,
          features: {
            external_account_collection: true
        payments: {
          enabled: true,
          features: {
            refund_management: true,
            dispute_management: true,
            capture_payments: true
        balances: {
          enabled: true,
          features: {
            instant_payouts: true,
            standard_payouts: true,
            edit_payout_schedule: true

So i’ve definitely got a working session as the ConnectBalances and ConnectPayments components load. But why don’t I see a notification banner?

I’ve also tested with another account that has some “future requirements” (acct_1P9CBuQ35oZ3JQUo), which would ideally trigger this comonent as well, but it’s not immediately clear from the documentation which circumstances it is supposed to appear in.

So, is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

I was able to get it to show by disabling an account using the address_no_match token as documented here: Testing Stripe Connect | Stripe Documentation

Good enough to demo to my product team, at least.

But I’d expect this to show up in every instance where an account needs action in the stripe dashboard, and would like to show it for future_verification requirements as well. Our strategy is to just push our connected account owners to upload every piece of information they’ll ever need to submit as soon as we know about it.