Connect - Pass transfer attributes along to payment

In some situations my Platform account transfers money to our clients’ connected accounts. We do so by creating a transfer from our account to theirs, i.e.

  amount: 105,
  currency: 'usd',
  description: "Reimbursement from platform"
  destination: connected_account_id
  metadata: { ... various metadata ... }

This creates a Payment on the connected account’s end, but the description and metadata on that payment are always blank. This means on payout reports etc, our customer doesn’t know where that money came from.

Is there any way to automatically pass the description and metadata attributes from the Transfer to the Payment it creates? Or, at the time I create the transfer, can I also specify attributes that will get used when creating the payment?

Hello @mike.ruhlin - thanks for reaching out. For help on debugging your existing integrations, I recommend reaching out to our Stripe Developers channel on Discord for a faster answer. Let me know if that helps.