Stripe connect pricing is vague

Hi, recently Stripe has updated their connect pricing page (see now vs before).

Previously, there was clear documentation that express and custom account types cost $2/month/payout user, and standard account types didn’t incur this cost.

Now, it just says “Stripe handles pricing” vs. “You handle pricing”; I’ve called both support and sales to get clarity on this and they don’t have answers.

There’s nothing in the documentation or the pricing page which explains where the price branching occurs; how can I elect to allow Stripe to handle pricing vs. my application? Do custom/express account types still incur this fee?

Looking for some clarity here.

Thank you very much for your post Jack. The best place to get your question answered directly is via our support channel:

Hi jack1,

We’ve extensively updated the Connect docs to describe the new features.

Express/Custom/Standard account types generally work the same way as they always have.

This doc page explains how the fee pricing settings work for both traditional connected accounts and accounts that you configure using the new, more granular options: Fee behavior on connected accounts | Stripe Documentation

Note that existing Express/Custom/Standard accounts automatically have the fee payer value set, so you can write code that works for both old and new accounts.