WIll Express Dashboards be supported for all connected accounts?

In the keynote yesterday they announced that going forward there’s only one kind of connected account. Is that effective immediately, or coming down the road? We’ve been creating “custom” accounts, but I’ve been excited to potentially use the Express Dashboard feature, but when I attempt to generate login links, I still get a “not an express account” error:

curl -X POST https://api.stripe.com/v1/accounts/acct_1P9CBuQ35oZ3JQUo/login_links -u "REDACTED" -H "Stripe-Version: 2024-04-10"
  "error": {
    "message": "Cannot create an edit link for the account acct_1P9CBuQ35oZ3JQUo, which is not an Express account.",
    "request_log_url": "https://dashboard.stripe.com/acct_1P9CBuQ35oZ3JQUo/test/logs/req_GqDlmPJm7TmRIb?t=1714011896",
    "type": "invalid_request_error"

Is this functionality still supported, and will it be available for “custom” accounts going forward?

Not totally sure whether we want to present this to our users vs. building our own dashboard page out of embedded components, so I’d like to show my team some prototypes to examine the tradeoffs.

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Cool, they covered this in the developer keynote. You need to set the controller.stripe_dashboard param to “full” when creating the account.

I don’t see the same param on the account update API. Any chance stripe could add it there or provide some other way to migrate an existing account to use it?

Hi @mike.ruhlin!

If you would like to create an Express account, you can do that when you create an account by setting controller.dashboard.type to express[1] like:

-d "controller[dashboard][type]"=express

After that, you should be able to create account links and login links for your new Express account.

At the moment, there’s no way to update the controller.dashboard.type for an existing Stripe account, so you would have to do this when you create the account.

  1. If you choose the full option, then you’ll be giving them access to the “Standard dashboard” on https://dashboard.stripe.com. ↩︎

Note that setting an account’s Dashboard type to Express is not exactly the same as creating an Express account. This doc page describes the difference: Migrate your Connect integration to use controller properties instead of account types | Stripe Documentation

This page lets you see the effects of selecting different combinations of account settings: Connect integration guide | Stripe Documentation

Thanks for the link! These docs are exactly what I needed.

Not sure if it’s just me or if docs.corp.stripe.com is some internal stripe-only domain, but I’m not able to access it (my browser just times out waiting for a response from it), but the same paths exist on docs.stripe.com, if anyone else ends up in this thread and can’t get those links to work.

Yikes, my bad! The links shouldn’t include “corp” – I thought I’d edited it but I must’ve messed that up. I’ll fix the links now.