BBPOS WisePOS E stucking on updates

I’m not sure if this is the right place to discuss and give feedback regarding card terminals, but I will just do it anyways.

We have kiosks using BBPOS WisePOS E for accepting payments. Now it’s all well and good, but often times, we’ve been getting some strange errors from kiosks that are in the wild.

We kept getting terminal_reader_timeout errors from terminals. We contacted and asked employees of the shops, what is wrong, and they said that it just doesn’t work.

We’ve been struggling with these mysterious errors because everything was fine, but occasionally we were getting the exactly the same errors from time to time.

I am sure all of you will understand deeply in your hearts, clients simply don’t know or won’t care what is wrong with the syatem, so it’s really hard to pin point what’s really happening unless we go there and see it, in the right moment of course.

Now long story short, it was WisePOS E’s auto update getting stuck, waiting for user’s intervention, such as prompting to continue updating or to postpone.

Often times empoloyees wouldnt even look at the terminal. And error logs, which are usually terminal_reader_timeout, don’t really match the situations they were in.

So instead of getting stuck, please please please let it just skip the update or update it anyways after a certain time. This is costing our business big time. Or at least give us an ability to force update, cancel, and skip update. Error flags need to be added as well. terminal_pending_update would be nice.

Would love to hear back.

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