[feedback request] Updated webhooks experience

Hey all, I’m Zack, a product designer on Workbench!

We’ve heard feedback during the beta that webhook endpoints are harder to manage in Workbench when compared to the previous developer dashboard experience. We’ve read every piece of feedback that y’all have given us, and we’d love to share some of the updates we’re exploring!

Webhooks overview
We’re exploring more of a traditional management screen with a high level view of how your endpoints are performing.

Updated webhooks overview tab

Grouping related event deliveries and a chronological list
We’re also exploring a new list view to show which deliveries have failed, are failing, or have recovered. Additionally, we’re thinking about bringing back the chronological list of deliveries and introducing simple indicators to show you which deliveries are related to each other. You’ll be able to quickly toggle between either of these views without losing context.

Grouped event deliveries

Chronological list of deliveries

Any feedback is welcome, but we’re most keen to learn:

  1. What key pieces of information do you need to manage webhook endpoints and event deliveries effectively? (that might be missing or hard to find in the proposed design)
  2. Is there anything that’s surprising or confusing about the new grouped deliveries view?
  3. What information would you expect to see under the Endpoint Configuration tab?

Thanks again for being part of this community and we’re really excited to share more early work with y’all!



It might be nice to be able to create a webhook from the Event Details, which can be viewed in the Events tab. With this, you can first research which events you want to use in the Events tab and then move on to creating the endpoint.

Of course, there may be cases where you want to register an event other than the ones specified. So it would be better if you could switch to a different event based on the current creation form.

Hey Hidetaka! Thanks for the response!

We’re actually looking at making some improvements to the event list page as well, one of which is being able to create an endpoint right from that view.

This screenshot is still work in progress, but you can see some of the direction we’re exploring.

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Fantastic !
I can’t wait to try the updated UI :slight_smile:

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