More filtering on webhook events

Loving workbench so far. This isn’t just feedback for workbench, but webhook events as a whole. It would be really nice to filter webhook events to only send events that we wish to send. For example, specific subscription updates. Webhooks are quite useful, but inefficient when you only care about 1% of the events that fire for a specific event type.

Keep up the good work!


Hi – thanks for leaving some feedback!

We are actively exploring support to define configurable filters on which events get sent, as we have heard other users with similiar issues!

I’m curious to hear what specific subscription updates would you like to be able to filter down to?

Thanks for asking @treyn-stripe -

Previous attributes, including metadata, would be very slick. For example, if we only wanted to be notified of the update when a subscription moves to a status of “active”.

Other cases are payment_failed. Would be nice to only be notified when it hits a specific retry count.

If you need more feedback on this, please let me know!


Hey @ibgoldbergs, that would be tremendous.

FWIW, you can use today to filter Stripe webhooks and reduce that server load burden.

[Disclaimer: I’m the founder and stumbled on this thread after the Event Destination annoucement]

@treyn-stripe, our filter syntax is open source and it’s actively being used to filter hundreds of millions of Stripe webhooks.

Here’s the documentation: Filters

It might serve as an inspiration!


Yeah, that would be a cool feature!

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