Unable to create a Webhook API that receives all eventsw


I was manually performing integration work to test the integration between WooCommerce and Stripe.


It was necessary to add a Webhook for WooCommerce to send data to Stripe.
However, WooCommerce did not explicitly specify which events it was sending to Stripe in the settings screen.
Therefore, a Webhook API that receives all events became necessary.
However, the “select all events” option that used to exist in the Webhook settings screen of Workbench was no longer available.

Proposed Solution:

Add back the “select all events” option that existed in the previous UI.

Although it is not an ideal choice from a system perspective, considering the specifications of integration plugins and tools, I believe this functionality is necessary.
How about displaying a warning similar to the previous UI, such as “not recommended, so do not use in production”?

FYI: prevent UI has a “Select all events” checkbox.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into some options here and circle back.

Hi Hidetaka,

Thank you for writing in! You’re right that the “select all events” tab is not available in Workbench. This was an intentional omission that was based on feedback that we heard from users being overwhelmed with too many events. It’s quite common for many different events to fire when the same operation occurs on Stripe like an invoice being finalized (which will send invoice.finalized, payment_intent.succeeded, charge.succeeded, etc), which can become a bit unwieldy.

In the case of WooCommerce, this documentation lays out the 16 events required for WooCommerce to function properly. We are exploring new ways to make it easier for users to set up required event types that plugins like WooCommerce requires. If for any reason you still need the ability to listen to all events, you can still use our API and pass a enabled_events="['*']" parameter when creating a new webhook endpoint. This is useful if you’re building a webhook endpoint that cares about any data change happening on Stripe.

If there are other use cases you have in mind, please let us know and we’ll keep this in mind for future enhancements to Workbench.