Connect Embedded Payments Component: filter out by metadata

Looks like this might not be supported yet, but it would be great to be able to filter out payments by a metadata key. I’m building an event ticketing platform and it would be helpful to show the payments for a specific event using the eventId metadata.
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If you’re attempting to search Payment Intents using the search endpoint [1] then it’s already possible to search using metadata fields [2].


[1] Search PaymentIntents | Stripe API Reference
[2] Search | Stripe Documentation

Yes I’m aware of that but I was trying to use embedded components instead was curious if that was possible there.

Hey @emre , this is good feedback. Currently this isn’t supported, through an alternative you have is building your own list (or leveraging an existing list where you already have a payment intent id / charge id) and using the payment details component: Payment details | Stripe Documentation. Just wanted to call that out as an option and get a sense of whether that helps. I know some integrations are looking to leverage a lot of features in the payments list (filtering, export, etc) however there are also many websites that already have a table/list with the payment id and can simply use payment details.