Invitation email looks suspicious

The invitation email looked like a phishing email :thinking:


  • Mail out of the blue
  • No job title included
  • Some weird links to (I only knew
  • This announcement deserved to look like a marketing newsletter email


Thanks for being one of the first users to try out Workbench. To make it easier to provide feedback and let us know what we should build next, we’re excited to invite you to join our new Insiders program. Insiders is our early access program to try beta products and have conversations with other users and the engineers building them.

We’d love to hear what you think. You can get started by leaving a product suggestion or feedback in the Workbench category.



Thanks for the feedback @DavydeVries. We’ll make some adjustments for future comms.

@david Also to add, iCloud marked it as junk for me.

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Thanks for flagging that @martin . Is that something you’ve experienced with emails coming from other @stripe email addresses as well?

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@david No, not really. Other Stripe-sent emails usually arrive in my inbox as expected.

Was the email sent “from” That domain doesn’t have SPF, DKIM, DMARM and (fancy) BIMI logo set like domain.