Sandbox & Stripe Apps

Hey - a couple things…

  1. When we want to use Sandboxes with our app are we still accessing them with our App’s test key?
  2. When I looked at installing our Stripe App into my Sandbox it says “Activate your Stripe account to install” - how do I activate my sandbox? There seems to be a bunch of business information already there and no warnings about it being incomplete.



Any ideas guys? Looks like no support for Stripe Apps in Sandbox??

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your question here. Is the app in the screenshot the one you are trying to install into a Sandbox? Is this an app that you’ve been able to install in Test mode before?

Hey - yes I can install in test mode - the app is actually called “SubSync by Finlert”. In other accounts without sandboxes turned on work fine in test mode, but I can’t install into Sandboxes (the name of the sandbox is Tax Testing).

Thanks Nathan! We’re still working on supporting app installs to Sandboxes. I’m curious to hear if you’re running into any issues testing your app in Test mode that you’re trying to solve for in Sandboxes or just eager to use Sandboxes in your testing process? :grinning:

Hi Nilofer - we’re keen to have better control of permissions in the dev/testing team, have different sandboxes configured for different client types and have complete separation from production (have been caught out be inadvertent changes in production when we activated Stripe Tax in Test Mode). How far away is App support? In the meantime, can we get Sandbox deactivated if we need to?

Makes sense, Nathan! Thanks for sharing. Sandboxes definitely helps address both more granular permissions and isolation from your live integration. We’re actively working on App support in Sandboxes, and we can keep you updated on the progress there.

Unfortunately we can’t deactivate Sandboxes for you, but you should still be able to test like you were in Test mode before with the Legacy Test mode sandbox. Let us know if you’re having any issues there.

OK thanks for the update. No - can’t test like before we can no longer install apps. Will need to setup a new Stripe account and see how we go.

Hi Nathan, I wanted to confirm if you’re able to still install apps into Legacy test mode like you were able to in Test mode before?

No - I’m unable to use Legacy sandbox to install apps (i.e. the functionality went away)