Stripe Sandboxes are here!

The future of test mode is here, and we’re excited to announce a private beta of Sandboxes! Sandboxes are isolated testing environments for Stripe integrations. With Sandboxes, you can more confidently test and deploy Stripe integrations by testing in separate sandboxes with granular access controls. Sandboxes can easily be organized for teams or development environments. Your existing test mode data is still available to you while getting started with Sandboxes.

How will Sandboxes make your testing process better?


We would be interested in trying this out! How can we get access to the private beta?

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I’d love to try this!

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There’s more information in this post: Join the Sandboxes beta


No more setting up separate Stripe accounts for development.

(The old “dev” mode is more a staging env)


@jeff.rambharack just sign up for the beta here: Join the Sandboxes beta!

@kabir you can join the beta here: Join the Sandboxes beta!