Seed test data with templates

We’ve heard your feedback about wanting some seeded test data when you get started with your testing. We’re exploring a feature called Sandbox Templates to allow you to create a new sandbox with seeded data related to specific use cases (e.g. a sales-led SaaS business with an assortment of customers, products, subscriptions, and invoices).

What types of use cases would you like to see a Sandbox Template for? What pain points do you have when it comes to seeding data?

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Stripe ID’s changing between environment’s is the biggest challenge for us with respect to Sandboxes. (which to be fair, existed in test mode, too).

Being able to “seed” from production and preserve the stripe id’s, or, being able to specifically stripe id’s during the seeding process in some way would be huge for our use case.

Overall though, sandboxes is a massive improvement over test mode!