Why does it have to be in dark mode?

Why does this product, because it is targeted to developers, you feel the need to make it in a dark mode ?

It ends up having a high contrast with the rest of the page and makes the feature completely unusable (and almost painful to my eyes) in a bright environment.

Either you enable dark mode for the whole app, or you give the right to the user to choose, but this “in-between” feels, for me, as a bad idea

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Hello bastien !

You can change the theme of the workbench by clicking the gear on the bottom right of the workbench when it’s open or on the right when collapsed, there you will be able to set the theme.

Hope this helps !

- Vasco


Oh, I did not see this,

Great then it’ll help for sure !

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Out of curiosity, can the default Workbench UI setting follow the browser preference?

  • If the browser is in Light mode, the Workbench UI will be in light mode by default.
  • If it’s in Dark mode, the Workbench UI will also be in dark mode by default."

That would be great yes!

I think what I found disturbing is this big difference between the bright background of the app, and the default dark of the tool

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve discussed adding a system setting to follow your OS and browser—and we’ll be rolling out a new onboarding page so you can choose light or dark mode Workbench from the start.

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